Refilling and Reconditioning




We use the term “Refilled” to indicate a refilling process that consists mainly of gaining access to the toner or ink container of a cartridge (sometimes puncturing a hole, sometimes partially disassembling the cartridge) and refilling it with new ink or toner. In most cases that is all that is done to the cartridge aside from inspecting it for obvious flaws and cleaning it. This is the process used by many small refilling companies doing business mainly in their local area. They mostly deliver personally and collect empty cartridges at the same time. This simplified refilling process gives these companies the ability to price their products lower than many competitors that sell reconditioned cartridges.


A cartridge has many components inside other than toner. To name a few, there is the magnetic roller that collects and distribute the toner; the photoconductor unit or drum that transfers the image on the paper; the wiper blade that removes excess toner from the drum; and many other gears and parts that are subject to wear and tear. To rework a cartridge this way is quite inexpensive but its quality and reliability are also uncertain. Many components in a cartridge have an inherent ability to last longer than the toner amount originally provided, but they are certainly not certified for twice the duty cycle or more! Many people that experienced problems with reconditioned cartridges and lost their faith in them have been using refilled cartridges without knowing these facts. So, when the price seems quite low compared to other reconditioned cartridges.

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