About Us

We are a Cartridge Refilling and Printer servicing  firm with good service history, moreover successfully enlarging firm which is not only to across  50 cities inside South India but also outside India.

Our Cartridge refilling centre was founded in 2005 in Kerala. We are a Cartridge Refilling and Printer servicing firm with good service history, moreover successfully enlarging firm which is not only to across 50 cities inside South India but also northern India. In addition to providing refilling services to different business categories,We entered into the printing business successyfully in corporate clients.

To provide our retail and corporate customers with competitive pricing and superior products, whilst developing the brand into a market leader. To have a network of sites available to the consumer, which will cater for local requirements Internationally.

We provide best services in printer cartridge refilling industry with our branches  network model in associate with group of best peoples. All our supporters keep valued relationships with us and we are hand in hand to assist our customers in a well manner. We are  also an evolving  company in a inspired modern way in  Printer service field and we are achieving more progress on our new initiative programs that suit all our clients reach us again and again .

Modern Cartridge refilling centre operates in the fast-paced IT environment. New trends in IT industry over the past decade have transformed business to be dependent on computers and printers. Hence, refilling printer cartridges industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

In print business industry , the best servicing in Cartridge refilling centre has successfully provided an environmentally sound, economical solution to the growing costs of replacing printer cartridges by us in the local market. A printer cartridge can be refurbished & refilled for approximately 1/4 the price of a new one, providing substantial saving with output as good as new.

Moreover, refilling the cartridge supports local communities by reducing waste and protecting the environment (a printer cartridge is said to take over 450 years to decompose naturally & more than 3.4 litres of oil is needed to manufacture a laser cartridge, over 900 million cartridges are thrown into landfill every year) as well as creating local employment opportunities as opposed to importing new cartridges.


Our mission

Our mission is to be a leading customer trust in choice for print related business solutions all over the world.To provide the best sales and service package on the supply of consumables and printers, and provide information to the consumer on the benefits of recycling.

we  serve full of honesty in relation with all our customers and  make sure the best service  delivery in time along with maximum quality excellence.